Make your content sing!

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Sue Souter talks about raising brand awareness through being consistent (and then bold) with content If I had a pound for every time someone said to me ‘but I don’t know what to write’ I would be on my beach in the Bahamas by now. (Note to self - put that right). So I have [...]

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Classic news hook still works a treat

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We helped our client, hygienic flooring specialist Kemtile, celebrate its 40th anniversary this month and generated some good coverage and engagement in a simple message of longevity and expertise. Formed in Autumn 1979, the size and success of the Cheshire-based company has consistently grown over four decades in terms of size, capabilities and customer base. [...]

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Anyone for crickets?

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Like something straight out of the bizarre Bushtucker Trial on ITV's 'I'm A Celebrity', Northwich-based Roberts is the first major bakery brand in the UK to launch insect bread. And it tastes delicious. And it was year 5 children at Hartford Manor Primary, on Stones Manor Lane, who were amongst the first to try the [...]

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