Content is still king and the Content Academy is still busy tutoring people on why content is so important, how to put together simple news stories, develop an approach to creating impactful imagery and video, talk about it on social media and put a plan in place to make it all happen.content-training

Hosted at the Stockport Business and Innovation Centre at Broadstone Mill in Reddish, nine companies took advantage of the latest course, part-funded by the European Development Fund. They ranged from an online embroidery gifting retailer to mental health consultants to training companies and design agencies.

All came to understand more about the benefits of supporting business growth with story.

Founder and Director of Training, Sue Souter, said story was a great differentiator for companies.

She said: “Most marketeers will ask you what is your unique selling point and in most businesses, unless you are operating in a very niche or innovative sector, that is difficult to find.

“I say that your story is unique to you, what you do, the way you do it, who you do it for, so why would you not talk about it?”

“Today we are all publishers – with free platforms and the chance to build free communities. All it costs is story. The course is designed to build confidence around news, angles and issues and everyone by the end was capable of creating their own content plan, packed full of interesting information.”

“It is amazing what a difference there was between the intro and the planning course. People really did know what to say, how to say it and to make a basic start on a story plan by the end of the mini-course (2.5 days spread over three weeks).”

Joining Sue are trainers from publishing, broadcast, digital and advertising backgrounds all with key skills to share about developing good storylines and expressing them well across multiple platforms.

Sue again: “Ultimately it is about the benefit of the story plan, which is raising awareness, creating engagement, driving sales and growing a business.”