Roberts bakery and its Crunchy Cricket Loaf returned to prime-time TV yesterday – this time on Blue Peter, the longest-running children’s TV show in the world.

Since its launch last November, media interest in this quirky and innovative bake – and indeed our lovely client Roberts – shows no signs of slowing down.

Despite being the fifth BBC TV coverage that we’ve secured on this story, this one is certainly a highlight for us here at Souter PR and at Roberts bakery. (Not to mention a personal life goal of our very own Karen who realised a childhood dream by being presented with a much-coveted Blue Peter badge for her role in helping to bring the episode to life!)

We were, of course, delighted to welcome presenter Ritchie Driss and the show’s production team to Roberts bakery, a couple of weeks ago, to visit The Exploratory take a look behind the scenes of how the UK’s first insect bread is made. And indeed, why.

Media interest in Crunchy Cricket Loaf is founded in the health and sustainability benefits it offers, not to mention out-and-out innovation.

As well as having very strong sustainability and environmental credentials, insects are also seriously tasty. As well as being a popular choice amongst those who want to protect the environment – farming insects uses less land, water and feed than conventional livestock farming – Roberts’ Crunchy Cricket Loaf also provides a good source of protein.

It’s also an easy way for to familiarise ourselves with insect-based food, which is a key food trend of the future. Insect eating, or entomophagy, is common in much of the world with the UN estimating that last year at least two billion people ate them.

In terms of media pick up, you can read all about Roberts’ Crunchy Cricket Loaf in, OK!, shortlist, BBC News, The Independent, Yahoo, MSN Lifestyle and Evening Standard. We also managed to secure visits and hours of filming with BBC North West Tonight and SWNS news agency.

News of Roberts Crunchy Cricket Loaf spread as far afield as Indonesia, when the story hit in one of its leading daily newspapers and portal. We even made TV in China and the USA!

As usual, our favourite trade media friends have given us lots of editorial space and we’ve worked with them to develop much broader follow-on features that explored edible insects and their place in the future of food in much more detail. Take a look at British Baker, and for a taster.

In terms of evaluation and reach, we’ve secured three TV features – all with the BBC – along with 85 further national, international and regional online and printed hits.

If you missed it and want to find out more about Roberts’ Crunchy Cricket Loaf and what we do, take a look at this