Chocolate, chicks and fluffy Easter bunnies. When it comes to PR ideas at mark this holiday and drive seasonal sales, it’s often tricky to steer too far away from the tried and tested.

But then many brands embrace the classics, update and re-launch each year and execute their Easter campaigns to perfection. Others take the traditional elements and add their own cheeky twists. Others rip up the rule book with a new and unexpected approach to both broader campaigning and tactical seasonal new product development.

Here’s our round up of our most eye-catching and engaging Easter campaigns and news content that do all of these things. Let us know if you’ve seen any that we’ve missed off.

Cadbury’s white Creme Egg hunt

Cadbury’s award-winning ‘It’s Creme Egg hunting season’ multimedia campaign has returned, with a virtual Easter egg hunt that hijacks other brands’ media to place its product.

Lasting ten days in the run up to Easter, it features the return of the elusive white Cadbury Creme Egg and runs across all channels. Its debut last year exceeded all expectations in terms of media and social conversation and this latest campaign looks set to move it up a notch further.

Cadbury will ultimately reward eagle-eyed fans with prizes of up to £10,000 if they find the all-important white version of the egg – but they’ll have to keep an eye of for it in other brand’s adverts.

Not only has the hunt secured some super media coverage and content for Cadbury, hats off to online job listing site, which launched the world’s first professional Cadbury Creme Egg Hunter service and earned itself more coverage than the campaign itself. With a salary starting at £45 an hour, these Pro Egg Hunters are tasked with finding 872 prize-winning treats scattered around the UK. If you fancy eating Crème Eggs for a living, apply here. Keep up to date with #CremeEggHuntingSeason.

Go big or go home

It seems that size really does matter this Easter as brands go big – and hit the headlines – with giant versions of some of our favourite eggs.

We’ve seen a flurry of journo requests for the big and the beautiful, resulting in rounds up like these by the Evening Standard. And at the time of writing this post, Ferrero PRs must be enjoying the news uptake of their Giant Kinder Egg, the launch of which secured loads of coveted national coverage in the likes of, The Sun and

And it’s not just giant eggs that have caught the eye of media and influencers. Morrisons’ giant hot cross buns have also been a huge hit in terms of headline generation.

A simple and effective way to create product standout – proving that big often is best!

Savoury alternatives to sweet

Amongst those brands and retailers offering savoury alternative to sweet chocolate this year is Sainsbury’s and its Cheesalicious Cheesy Easter Egg.  The “Cheester” egg, as it has been dubbed is made out of 100% cheddar cheese sourced from Lancashire farms – and also comes with a packet of oatcakes and a sachet of chutney. Delicious. You can buy in online or in stores for a fiver and media pick up has been superb.

But if blue cheese is more your bag, Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses has launched just the Easter treat to introduce its Blacksticks Blue to a wider audience. It’s even been known to convert those who dislike blue cheese, according to the makers.

Handmade with 100% natural ingredients at the Butlers dairy in Lancashire, it’s a a spreadable version of its Blacksticks Blue and comes with oatcakes and a sachet of caramelised red onion chutney. How un-eggs-spected!

These are further examples of how brands’ somewhat simple yet innovative NPD can maximising seasonal sales opportunties by re-imagining Easter eggs for adults.

Easter in-gin-uity

We’re an ever-growing nation of gin lovers and brands have been quick to make the most of how we’ve all gone bonkers for botanicals this Easter.

First up, there’s hot cross bun flavoured gin, which has created headlines and driven sales for producer Gin Tales through exclusive partnership with Yours for £35 a pop.

Manchester-based chocolatier Slattery has teamed up with Zymurgorium to combine gin with the two top trends du jour to launch the “ultimate Easter egg”.

Shoppers can choose from two mouth-watering white and strawberry coated chocolate egg designs – unicorn or flamingo. Each comes with a full-size bottle of toasted-marshmallow “Realm of the Unicorn gin” or “FlaGINgo gin” – a pink variant flavoured with mango, pineapple, passionfruit and ginger.

And let’s not overlook our lovely friends at Lidl, who have combined two of our favourite tipples – prosecco and gin – for its show-stopping ‘Ginsecco’ Easter egg. The retailer is all over Easter this year and is the first in the UK to mix the two into a milk chocolate delight. It looks amazing, don’t you think. Let’s hope we get to try one.

Bunny shaped bites

Cute little rabbits are the epitome of Easter and spring time, and retailers are giving some of our favourite foods a seasonal makeover.

Amongst the most headline-grabbing that we’ve seen are Lidl’s chicken nuggets shaped like rabbits, which were picked up by lots of national news sites. Then along came Aldi with its adorable bunny shaped crumpets.


But perhaps the most memorable so far is M&S’s chocolate Yoga Bunny Easter Egg, which has gone viral thanks to its very saucy pose!

Hot on the heels of its Valentine’s Love Sausage that we covered in our Valentine’s round up, social media is now awash with the ‘suggestive’ position. Intended to be ‘downward facing dog’ yoga pose, bunny’s tail is thrust into the air and its front and back paws are resting on a tasty-looking bed of milk chocolate decorated with raspberry nibs.

But some customers have taken to Twitter to suggest that the bunny’s pose is more sexual than meditative in nature. What do you think?