Marketing WAM’s Jan Cowan (left) and Sue Souter with Sophie Lawler, CEO of Total Fitness

In its best attended meeting to date connections and news organisation Marketing WAM  – supported by Souter PR – welcomed business owners from the Wilmslow, Alderley and Macclesfield areas to a session at Wilmslow Conference Centre last week that inspired – both mentally and physically.

With health and wellbeing top of the agenda keynote speaker Sophie Lawler, CEO of Total Fitness gave a refreshingly honest assessment of her first 18 months in charge bucking all industry trends with membership up 10% and an extra £3millon on the bottom line.

Suitably inspired by Sophie’s fascinating leadership insights attendees then focused on the physical under the supervision of Jeff Ross, MD of Harris and Ross Physiotherapy – advisor to the sports star and now also you and me!

New Zealander Jeff has established his reputation by putting some of the most famous footballers and other elite athletes back together after injury – some really serious – and today his business still does that, but also shares knowledge with the business community on how to stay fit and healthy and look after your body at work.

The main message – keep moving. Our sedentary working – and indeed at home – lifestyles are so sedentary we are storing up problems for the future, so find reasons to get up from your seat in the office – every half hour if possible.

Finally we looked at a bit of mindfulness with expert Gareth Caple from Yoga Life – also based at Total Fitness.

If we had opened our eyes for the 10 minutes he held us captivated we would have seen 50+ business owners breathing in and out vigorously for two minutes  – think snorting horses and you’d be close – followed by the silence of 50 held breaths – an exercise we did twice.

The result was slightly high, zoned out guests with enough oxygen in our lungs to run a marathon with ease. The point being that lungfuls of oxygen taken every day in the manner Gareth taught will keep us fit and healthy and disease and illness at bay.

Marketing WAM is a new B2B publishing platform designed to promote and connect businesses in the important commercial districts of Wilmslow, Alderley and Macclesfield.

Membership is growing around a simple annual subscription business model to drive commitment to attend, connect and create news and other content for the hub site www.marketingwam which has over 300 stories posted in just 3 months.

Business Development Director at Marketing WAM Jan Cowan commented: “Wilmslow Conference Centre did us proud and we were delighted to see so many of the businesses based at Total Fitness joining to talk about their services including First Aid Five, Inta Football, Annette Turner Hydrotherapy, and Practically Family (new nursery provision at Total Fitness). It was a great session.”

The next two meetings are on 12th February at The King’s School – investment and regeneration are the key themes – and 25th March at The Glasshouse at Alderley Park – with a focus on technology. Marketing WAM will launch a weekly newsletter in February to keep awareness high of the brand and its mission – to help WAM businesses grow.

Backed by Helen White and Richard Higginson, co-founders of neighbouring organisation Marketing Stockport  Marketing WAM looks to replicate Marketing Stockport’s success in putting the spotlight on an area that has huge potential for sustained growth.