We have to admit, we’re all partial to a G&T here at Souter PR. As is much of the UK population, it seems – with housewives and hipsters alike sending sales soaring over the last ten years to more than three-times what they were in 2009.

It’s so popular, in fact, there are now two worldwide gin and tonic celebration days each year – the second will take place this Friday 19th October. A double whammy of opportunity for PRs, marketers and creatives to come up with some truly ‘gin-spirational’ stunts, products and campaigns (we do apologise for that).

So, to mark the occasion, we’re taking a look at some of the best headlines and engagement to be generated of late…. Oh, and we’ll also be raising a glass of Sipsmith and Fever Tree or two ourselves on Friday evening. Cheers.

Warner Leisure Hotels’ anti-age gin

Warner Leisure Hotels must have felt pretty confident about coverage when it launched Anti-aGin – a 40% proof gin distilled with pure collagen and a range of antioxidants and ‘skin healing’ botanicals to help ‘reduce cellulite and sun damage’.

Whilst there’s no real evidence that it actually worked, the stunt certainly brought attention to the grown-up only activity break specialists – not to mention sales of the product in its UK hotel bars).

What a good example of a brand generating buzz from something outside the realms of its core product offering.

Hendrick’s giant cucumber bus

When Hendricks Gin unleashed H.E.R.B.E.R.T (Hendrick’s Extraordinary Roving Bus for Exceptionally Refined Travel) on to the streets of London, he was met with delight.

Double-deck, no less, and disguised as a giant cucumber, not only did he help out London’s commuters by offering them a chance to escape the usual mayhem of London transport but, for £2.50, passengers were served complimentary G&Ts, gin-based cocktails and cucumber macaroons. Passengers were then invited to share their travel woes (or triumphs) with a tweet to the brand using #HendricksMinistry.

The activation base founded on Hendrick’s consumers’ passion points and interests, which included travel. They also said they spent a lot of time commuting. What a great way to juxtapose Hendricks’ brand humour and values with its consumers’ every day routine.

Aldi’s incredible colour-changing gin

From Marks & Spencer’s Christmas gin to sparkly bubblegum gin – everyone seems to be on the G&T bandwagon this year.

Aldi is always amongst the leaders when it comes to innovation and on-trend offerings, which has seen it take its specialty drinks to a whole new level with its recent launch of its forest fruits flavour colour changing gin.

Guaranteed to brighten up your day, it turns from pink to blue – and the secret behind it is even more magical as the pale sapphire turns to a blossoming pink when tonic or another acidic mixer is added.

Yet another headline making new product from the fastest growing UK supermarket. Please keep ‘em coming!

JD Wetherspoon pubs serve pink glittery unicorn gin

Another UK brand that continues to generate the headlines and chatter is Wetherspoons. This time, we’re talking about when it started to sell shimmering pink unicorn gin earlier this year.

The launch came shortly after Firebox released it on its website for £8.99 in time for Valentine’s Day – again to widespread engagement and media coverage.

We’re told it tastes like marshmallows and bartenders recommend you drink it with lemonade and a garnish of a fresh strawberry. It sounds a little sweet to us, mind you.

By combining two of the year’s biggest trends in one drink – millennial pink and unicorns – it’s no wonder the glittery gin-based liqueur has been such a big hit. Simple yet really effective.

Lidl’s popup gin bar

“The only thing better than cheap booze is free booze,” that’s according to one journo after Lidl – home of affordable food and drink – one-upped itself by offering alcohol for free.

Knowing that a significant proportion of the UK population enjoys the odd G&T – we bought the equivalent of a bottle for every adult in the UK last year – Lidl is taking its innovative own-label Hortus premium Gin range on the road and everyone is invited to go along to try it.

Touring the country with The Lidl House of Hortus, guests are promised an ‘immersive and Instagrammable experience’.

Set to open in London later this month before moving to Cardiff and Edinburgh in early November, visitors to the bar will enjoy both new and existing samples from Lidl’s gin range while soaking up some Instagram-worthy interiors. The best part? A trip to the bar won’t cost you a penny as entry is free. Each visitor is also entitled to two complimentary pours of gin or another spirit. What’s not to like?

Fancy it? Book your ticket here.

And finally, our very own Gin & Tonic Fun Buns, from client Roberts bakery

Last, but by no means least, we had a great time – and generated some brilliant coverage, engagement and sales – with the launch of our client Roberts’ Gin and Tonic Fun Buns last autumn.

A key, highly innovative new product that supported the bakery’s radical rebrand and repositioning, media and influencers couldn’t get enough of our cocktail teacakes, including metro.co.uk and shortlist.co.uk – a key objective of ours was to engage with a younger consumer.

We’re sure they’ll be more gin-themed news to hit and campaigns to launch this week in the run up to the big day. We’ll certainly have our eyes peeled – ready to be gin-spired!