Project Description

Dental Law Partnership

The power of media coverage

The Dental Law Partnership (DLP) is the leading dental litigation firm in the UK, dealing with 60% of all negligence cases brought against dentists.

Souter PR worked with the DLP to devise and issue a robust media relations programme of news releases to convey patient experiences and therefore raise awareness of DLP’s services – contributing to a strong 18% growth for the firm during the campaign period.

There was a presentation into fee earners across the firm to get the process embedded into procedures. Because the programme involved such close liaison with clients it was important that a professional, informed approach was introduced. The Souter team and DLP marketing created a case study fact find sheet to help fee earners capture the information required and each fee earner was encouraged to ask all clients if they would be prepared to get involved and share their story.

The fact-find, once approved, was then converted into a press release in collaboration with the client and then distributed to the relevant regional media.

The campaign generated in excess of 100 pieces of print & online media coverage (including nationals) and embedded a culture of news generation from cases at DLP which helped drive sales.