Project Description

Q Guild of Butchers

The ‘Horsemeat Scandal’

The Q Guild of Butchers is an elite membership organisation of the UK’s top 110 butchers. It appointed Souter PR to raise its own brand awareness and that of its members through the generation of quality national and regional media coverage.

The horsemeat scandal that broke in January 2013 provided a timely opportunity for the Guild to reinforce its position as the voice of the independent butcher – tasking Souter PR with achieving a share of voice for the Guild amongst other industry players.

The principal aims of our activity were to generate both national coverage for the Q Guild during the scandal and to promote the quality of products available through Q Guild members.

There was little planning time and it was essential that the campaign was quick and effective to launch. The morning that the story broke, Souter PR contacted all national and regional media contacts with the opportunity to speak to an independent butcher. National and regional interviews with members were then confirmed and managed.

Coverage was secured in national titles such as The Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Metro, The Telegraph and Daily Star, plus 8 national broadcast media hits including Sky News, Newsround, BBC Radio Five Live, BBC Radio One, BBC Radio Two and BBC One programme ‘Food Inspectors’.