Project Description


Use Your Loaf Campaign

Almost 50% of children’s accidents – that’s a million a year – occur in the home and around 40,000 on roads. In the same period, there are in excess of 50,000 house fires in the UK, which account for 46% of all child accident fatalities. Why? Because children are impulsive, adventurous and keen to explore. What’s more, they often don’t know any better.

Warburtons Bread briefed Souter PR to create and implement a campaign to communicate the importance of ‘safety’ to its target audience of children and parents – therefore contributing to a reduction in accidents.

Souter PR launched the Use Your Loaf Safety Pack for schools. Working in collaboration with the Children’s Safety Education Foundation (CSEF), Souter PR created a resource pack – including a set of seven safety sections that support National Curriculum guidelines. ‘I’ve used my loaf’ stickers and certificates were also provided along with an incentivised evaluation form for teachers.

The resource pack was presented in an imaginative format – combining role-play and individual work.

Company branding was deliberately low key. Instead, emphasis was placed on creating a fun way of learning. The cheeky, ‘boy’ logo that was developed specifically for the campaign was memorable and appealed to children whilst supporting the serious think and ‘Use Your Loaf’ message.

The outcome was that 23,310 children in 222 schools were exposed to ‘Use Your Loaf’ materials. There were 28 pieces of print coverage across three regions, extending reach and understanding