Project Description


W Magazine (An industry award winner)

The objectives of Warburtons’ internal magazine was to inform readers of the company’s strategic objectives, reflect its values (Care, Quality, Responsibility, Ambition, Family), and to place people at its very heart in terms of content and storytelling.

The bakery’s sites are geographically spread – from Aberdeen to Newton Abbot in Devon. Employees are keen to learn more about the various locations and departments and don’t always understand who their colleagues are and what they do. The magazine’s content was to address this issue.

Regular features co-ordinated and written by the Souter PR team included ‘Team Focus’, ‘What’s So Good About’– which focuses on a certain bakery, depot or region – ‘My Passion’ and ‘Role of Honour’. All position Warburtons as a community of colleagues rather than a collection of sites.

Feedback – gathered bi-annually via a staff survey – was consistency very positive and confirmed that the magazine played an important role in connecting employees across the company’s various locations.