At the time of writing, there is the most splendid scent of summer in the air here at Souter PR. So to celebrate what we hope will be a most fabulous few months of sunshine and fun times ahead of us, we’ve taken a look at our top five favourite campaigns that simply scream summer – not to mention sales success for the brands behind them.


John Lewis National Treasures

Last month John Lewis launched National Treasures – its first summer campaign designed to celebrate the eccentricities of British life and build on the success the retailer typically enjoys around Christmas.

Running from the end of April until the end of August, the campaign’s media launch took place at the retailer’s flagship Oxford Street store.

It brings to life what summertime means in Britain and includes the design and creation of 220 life-size cartoon illustrations and shop-front displays created by award-winning British artist Paul Thurlby. The scenes – which include people queuing up for ice cream and a tea party overseen by The Queen – epitomise the nation’s “most treasured quintessential moments”.

The campaign also includes video, a programme of live interactive events and workshops designed to promote John Lewis stores as “destinations of discovery” having tried and tasted “our nation’s absolute favourite things.”

Magners Seize the Summer

Cider brand Magners recently unleashed a squad of scantily-clad men across our capital city to encourage commuters to seize the summer.

By tempting Londoners into a garish pair of yellow shorts – regardless of the weather – the experiential stunt marked the launch of the four-month Seize the Summer’ campaign. And to coax Brits into the summer spirit – by sporting a pair of yellow shorts – they were incentivised by the chance to win one of 400 EasyJet prizes, each worth £1,000.

Fear not non-London dwellers. The Seize the Summer squad will be making their way across the country – spreading their sunshine and encouraging as many people to have some fun in the sun with their friends. Watch the video here.

Coca-Cola Share a Coke holiday makeover

Coca-Cola is re-launching its massively successful Share a Coke campaign this summer – this time swapping out the logos on Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Diet Coke bottles with those of our most favourite and fabulous summer holiday destinations.

Hoping to reaffirm the connection between an ice cold bottle of the fizzy drink with sunny, summer months, labels will display names of cities and destinations such as Hawaii, Bali, Ibiza and Miami. It’s a move that builds on the product personalisation success of the initial name campaign, by reminding people in the UK why Coke makes summer more special.

The pan-European campaign will be supported by the brand’s biggest UK sampling activation ever – giving away 11 million 150ml samples of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in cities and festivals throughout the UK – and a summer TV ad.

Pizza Hut / Ibiza Rocks ‘Taste Freedom’

In a tie up to target trendy, music-obsessed millennials, Pizza Hut has teamed with live music and hotel brand Ibiza Rocks as part of its “Taste freedom” campaign.

Promoting freedom from everyday routine, the campaign aims to take the new look, new menu and new vibe of Pizza Hut to the next level.

It will be executed through an array of UK-based and in-resort activity – spanning a campaign content hub, experiential events, digital promotions, social media competitions, video, influencer engagement and content shared by DJs – to authentically engage with customers,

Pizza Hut has also produced a 30-second video which aims to persuade consumers to re-evaluate the brand and raise awareness of its ongoing refurbishment programme.

Malibu – Because Summer

Last summer, drinks brand Malibu created 45,000 connected bottles that allowed iPhone and Android users to access exclusive content – including prize draws, drinks recipes, playlists and a bar locator.

Truly tapping into “contactless payment behaviour,” it was a first for the innovative beverage brand and for the sector. Users did not have to download or open an app to connect with the brand, they just had to tap the ‘sunset’ logo on the Malibu bottle.

The campaign was developed after research by Malibu found consumers are increasingly looking to buy “experience and not products.