Social Media – How brands may win or lose customers

Social media management platform, Sprout Social, provide an excellent means by which users can engage with their potential customers on a variety of

Companies who try to regularly connect with existing and prospective clients tread a fine line between over-facing followers with a deluge of sales messages and missing out on new business by not saying enough or saying the right things.

Sprout’s latest blog ‘Turned off: How brands are annoying customers on Social’ cleverly highlights both in words and using graphs, topics like ‘Annoying actions brands take on Social Media’ and ‘Actions that make people unfollow a brand on social media’ – both of which are negatives about online activity. It may not surprise you that posting too many promotions and using slang or jargon are the most annoying actions on social media.

However, this is balanced by analyses of ‘Actions that make people follow a brand on Social Media’ (‘interesting’ and ‘entertaining’ are priorities here) and an enlightening section titled ‘Unforgettable content is recycled content’ which illustrates the benefit of repeat messages over a period of time. Apparently people need to see something between two and four times on social media before purchase. This is after all how Sprout gets its business – by offering a service for users to post tweets etc over a scheduled period of time, including the ability to repeat messages.

As with any form of engagement with existing and potential buyers of a product or service, whether face-to-face, on the telephone or on social media, it’s all about seeing it from their point of view: Are they going to get bored or excited by your contact, and are they going to see the benefit of buying into your brand?

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