Loved by some, loathed by others, Valentine’s Day is regarded by most as the ultimate day of cheesy, unapologetic romance.

We’re big fans of it here at Souter PR. No, not because we’re hopeless romantics with a fondness for flowers and fizzy wine. But because it’s a great opportunity for some of our favourite food and brands to pull out the stops in the name of good ol’ fashioned heart-shaped, fluffy fun.

So, here’s our pick of the most creative cupid-inspired products to hit the headlines this Valentine’s Day and successfully strike up conversations on social media.

Love Sausages hit the shelves of M&S

What says romance more than a giant, heart-shaped, bacon-wrapped sausage?

We love the sheer brazenness of M&S to announce the launch of itsLove Sausage in a tweet, which raised many an eye-brow as well as lots of laughter.

Made for sharing, we’re told that Marks’ meaty ‘Love Sausage’ is perfect for a lovers’ breakfast in bed.

Krispy Kreme launches Conversation range

Krispy Kreme has launched a brand-new range for Valentine’s Day – and they look stunning. The doughnut purveyor is unveiling new Conversation treats for sweet treat fans with phrases written on them.

If that’s not good enough to generate widespread coverage and conversation, it followed up with a ‘two doughnuts for the price of one’ offer on the range for one day only to celebrate World Nutella Day.

Tyrrells launches aphrodisiac crisps 

Fear not, those who can’t be bothered to cook this Valentine’s Day. You can still feel the love without the hunger by ripping open a packet or two of these aphrodisiac crisps from Tyrrells.

Whilst a saucy red bag of crisps may not seem like the most romantic of meals, we’re told these have ‘aphrodisiac’ qualities, with on pack promises to ‘spice up your Valentine’s Day’ and flavour combinations of sweet honey and fiery chilli.

Pick up a bottle of pink glittery gin in Asda

For those of us planning on spending Valentine’s Day at home, what could be better a better Insta-ready aperitif to our dine-in meal than this little beauty of a bottle? It’s got everyone talking.

Made from raspberry and rose, we’re told that this Extra Special Gin Liqueur tastes delicious. And it looks super pretty when you shake it and the glitter floats around.

It’s pink, sparkly and on special offer – the perfect recipe for Valentine’s Day success.

The war of the dine-in meal deals

In the words of Tinie Tempah, we should be lovers, not fighters on Valentine’s Day. But that doesn’t stop our fave foodie retailers going head to head, every year, to bring us the most delicious dine-in deals.

Every news website across the land has covered them and, whilst Marks and Spencer has held the crown for the past few years, it appears that Tesco has got out the big guns in an attempt to catch up. The ‘steaks’ (ahem) are higher than ever this year.

We heart Aunt Bessie’s heart-shaped Yorkshire puddings

What says love more than a big Yorkshire pudding full of gravy? One shaped like a heart, of course,

This limited edition from Aunt Bessie’s is the perfect way to rustle up a romantic roast – not to mention tickling the taste buds of media, influencers and consumers everywhere.