It’s nearly Christmas and since early November we’ve started to see TV, press and online campaigns urging us to buy. PR and marketing is of course a year-round activity, but every Christmas we see new ideas to entice us into making a commitment to a brand.

Here is a nice example courtesy of Campaign Live for lager brand Beck offering Edinburgh revellers a novel solution to drinking and driving. The Boroughloch Agency organised Beck’s sponsorship of ten rickshaws – fully-branded three-seater carts – which ferry Christmas party goers around city centre pubs and clubs pulled by Beck’s uniformed runners.

Passengers don’t pay but tip instead. The aim is that the rickshaws become a potent media, promotional and public relations tool. Demand lessens in the new year, providing a natural cut-off date, but the rickshaws themselves continue to operate year-round in Edinburgh, and in other cities. They’re also used in other tactical promotional work nationwide.