We’re monitoring media and speaking to food and news journalists and influencers all the time, and it’s clear that veganism is bigger than ever. And there’s no sign of the trend diminishing any time soon. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Veganuary ’19 ended on record high with 250,000 participants – that’s more than in previous four years combined – with the likes of Kantar, Forbes and The Caterer reporting on its growth. Another report states that a third of us Brits have stopped or reduced our meat intake which, if believed, underlines a revolution in the UK’s eating habits.

This is reflected in the vegan hashtag being the top trend on Twitter this January and the 20 million veganism related Tweets in 2018. And there are currently almost 75 million vegan hashtags on Insta.

It’s therefore no wonder that the UK is now the world leader in plant-based food launches – vegan product launches increased 200% last year, twice the figure from 2015. For foodie PRs like us, the vegan market is exciting to watch and be part of. We’re extremely excited to follow the trend and maximise the opportunities it gives to us and our clients here at Souter PR.

There are lots of exciting, innovative and notable new products coming through to market every day – many of which are supported by some brilliantly curated comms campaigns that are hitting the headlines and creating a real buzz across social media.

Greggs vegan sausage roll

As with most of our PR colleagues, we just loved the launch of Greggs’ vegan sausage roll – described by PR Week as “a masterclass in public relations, in particular the way the brand turned criticism by Piers Morgan on its head to generate truckloads of fresh publicity.”

Topical, engaging, fun and brilliantly executed – it was developed after 20,000 people signed an online petition that called upon it to produce a vegan version of the bestseller – the launch has also brought about a surge in sales that has sent the value of the company to an all-time high.

Piers’ Morgan’s tweet, Greggs’ response and all the subsequent publicity that went with it – including a live TV taste test – boosted the number of shoppers visiting its bakeries to buy “the vegan-friendly sausage roll and our other iconic sausage rolls and bakes”.

Tesco partners BOSH! To create vegan Christmas feast

We love how Tesco teamed up with Vegan influencers BOSH! (with their 511,000 Insta followers) to create a Christmas feast event last December in London.


‘Vegmas’ was a special five-course plant-based festive dinner party to help people catering for vegan and vegetarian guests or looking to add more plants to their table.

It was hosted hot on the heels of the publication of its annual Christmas report has revealed that one fifth of hosts will cater for vegan or vegetarian diets this year, which generated loads of national, regional and lifestyle media coverage in its own right.

And of course, this is all supported by the retail giant’s extensive vegan product range – it’s recognised as leading the charge when it comes to putting vegan food on shelves. It doubled its vegan Wicked Kitchen range last autumn and just recently hit the headlines – and won hearts – again with its special vegan brownie cake for Valentine’s Day.

Baileys Almande for vegans

As the UK’s most popular – and third most famous – alcohol brand, it’s only right that Baileys can now be enjoyed by the UK’s whopping 3.5million vegans. Yes, that’s right. In case you missed it, an almond milk version of this wonderful whiskey-based liqueur is now on supermarket shelves.

Diageo hosted the pop-up “Vegan Treat Stop” in central London to the vegan-friendly boozy beverage. The one-day event and long-awaited launch again secured lots of lovely national news headlines for the brand and lots of social media chatter. Check out veganbaileys, baileysalmande and almande hashtags for more and some really lovely recipe inspiration.